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Call For Proposals

The submission system is open. Find the Calls for Proposals for the 1st Biannual Assyrian Studies Association Symposium from all of our Divisions below. To view a Division’s Call for Proposal, click on the title of the Division and the call will appear below the Division title.

Detailed Instructions

Quick Tips


Once logged into the submission system using your username and password.You cannot save a partially constructed proposal, but an alternative option would be to submit what you do have in the system. You can then come back and edit the proposal up until the deadline of Tuesday, January 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

  • Avoid using the “back” button on your web browser.

  • Each page includes its own instructions.

  • After you review your submission information on the final page, click “Save This Submission.”  You should receive a confirmation email.

  • Please be sure you receive a confirmation email from before exiting the system.

  • You must have an ASA account to submit a proposal. If you do not have an ASA account, you can create one here:

  • The submission deadline was Tuesday, January 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

Submitting a Proposal


To begin the process of submission, select “Submit or Edit a Proposal.” Continue the process of submission by selecting “Submit a Division ” to submit your abstract. If you do not want to submit your abstract to a specific division, please leave the section blank and the Chairs of the divisions will assign. 

View a list of submission divisions above.

Individual Submission Options


Individual paper submission by an author(s) that, if accepted, could be incorporated into any session type, at the division chair’s choosing. Associated Roles: Author, Non-presenting Co-author

30-Minute Paper Presentation

Individual paper submission by an author(s) that, if accepted, could be incorporated into any session type, at the division chair’s choosing. Associated Roles: Author, Non-presenting Co-author

Full Session Submission Options

Full-Paper Panel 

A full panel proposal is a fully formed panel session. You must submit all panel details, including panelist names, paper titles, and abstracts. No more than 4 papers are permitted. One or two discussant(s) and one chair needed. All panelists must be in agreement that they will participate if the panel is selected. Division Chairs may also compile these from the submitted papers. 

Associated Roles: Author, Non-presenting Co-author, chair, discussant
1 session slot/90 mins


A roundtable proposal is for a discussion format session. Participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. You must submit a session title and all participant details. You may submit up to 8 participants, and all participants must be in agreement that they will participate if the panel is selected. 

Associated Roles: Presenter, Chair
1 session slot/90 mins


These programs allow for a deep dive in a focused environment. Workshops might be professional development focused or subfield specific, or thematically of the same spirit or accomplishing the same knowledge-sharing or learning goals. Workshops provide participants with hands-on experience and should embrace adult learning principles with clear, pre-determined learning objectives that would be included in the proposal description. 

Associated Roles: Presenter, Chair

1 session slot/60 mins

Submission Instructions

Title & Abstract
Titles are limited to 80 characters. Please type your title in title case, i.e., start principal words with capital letters. Do not use capital letters for prepositions, articles, or conjunctions, unless it is one word. Do not use all capital letters or all small letters in your title. Do not put quotes around the title, unless you are emphasizing terms or book titles.

Abstracts are limited to 5000 characters. You may copy and paste your abstract from a word processing program.

Fields of Interest

ASA has added a “fields of interest” option, where you can tag your proposal with up to three keywords. The chairs will use these keywords to find proposals that fit their panels.

Second Choice Division/Related Group 
Please select a second choice division or related group for your proposal to be considered under. This does not count as a second proposal.

Format Selection
If applicable, please indicate what type of format you’d like to give this presentation in: Panel Only; etc.

Please indicate that the work is your own.

Selecting & Adding Authors
First, all authors must have a complimentary account. If they do not, they can create one here. Once they have done this, you can search for them in the database. Search by last name only.

An author search will produce a list of authors under the “Choose From List of Authors” table heading. To add an author, click “Add” in the “Action” field.  If they are an author, but not planning to present and attend the conference, please click “Add Non-Presenting Co-Author.”

Continue this process until you have searched and added all the applicable authors from the association database.

Additional Instructions for Full Panel Proposals
After you’ve added your first paper and its authors, click “Add a Paper.” Enter the new paper’s title, abstract, presentation format, and then add the applicable authors.

To add chairs or discussants, search by last name under “Add Other Participants” on Step 3. Chairs and discussants will also need to have an account to be added.

Submission Confirmation
Once you have completed a submission, you will receive an automated email from The email will arrive within minutes of completing your submission. If you do not receive the email, it may be because of one of the following reasons:

  1. You did not complete the submission process properly. Go back and review the above help notes to make sure you have completed the process. Make sure that you have completed the upload paper steps.

  2. Your email address is incorrect. If you log in with an email account you no longer use, you will not receive email notifications. Please update your email with your association.

  3. Your email has very sensitive spam blockers that are blocking the incoming email. You can check your “junk” email inbox, add the domain “” to your safe list, and talk with your email provider to resolve this issue.

  4. You can also check online that your proposal was properly uploaded by clicking on “Submit or Edit Submission” followed by “Papers & Posters” or “Sessions” on the right side (depending on which type of submission you are checking on). A list of your submissions will appear below by title. Click on the desired submission title. Your proposal was successfully uploaded, if on the Submission Summary form, under the “Proposal” sub-heading, the file name that the system assigned to your proposal is listed.


Once you receive your email confirmation, do not reply to All Academic. The email will not be viewed or answered. For questions about your submission, the process, its status, or any other issues, please contact ASA at

In March 2023, you will receive an acceptance or rejection e-mail for each proposal you submitted. If accepted for a panel or poster presentation, the email will indicate the division for which you are accepted. If your proposal is not immediately accepted for a panel or poster, you may be contacted at a later date to present if spaces become available on the program. You will receive additional detailed information regarding your panel or poster session from the division or panel chair.

If their paper or panel presentation is accepted, individuals will be required to formally indicate their willingness to participate in the annual meeting.

Acceptance Notification

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